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    Rakesh Bhalla

    O: 216-276-1939 M: 216-276-1939

    *Team Bhalla Real Estate*

    “Nobody wakes up and decides to be a real estate agent … unless you have lost your mind!

    This is how we lost our mind….

    We come from different sides of the world…… literally! We both have spent over 15 years of our working life, with an extensive background in sales, marketing, design and customer service.

    We realized each job had one thing in common. We loved our customers, we embraced empowering people and truly enjoyed helping them find the right product/services that made them happy. But it just wasn’t enough, we wanted to help them on a bigger level.

    So, here we are! What better way to help someone then to be involved in the biggest purchase of their lives, that’s tied to a lifetime of memories. For the first time in life, we found the joy that we were looking for on our first deal.

    On the day of closing our client’s mother flew in to attend. As we did our final walk though she was crying almost the whole time, she turned to us and said thank you and gave us both a hug, the type of hug that you never forget. She said, “she never thought her son would have all this, thank you for pushing him and thank you for finding him his home”. We will never forget that day and the people that were with us, that was the day we both realized that losing your mind was not such a bad thing, it was actually the best thing!

    Our clients became family and their friends became our friends. It’s bigger than just buying and selling a home.

    The rest is history, we wake up every day ready for the next journey.

    Why go with our team? We never neglect, one of us will always be available for you.

    We provide 5-star customer service and will be there every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling a home we get it done, we work hard for you, and you will be educated in every process with your best interest at hand always. We let the testimonials and the recommendations speak for themselves as they are the voice of who we are.

    Dreams can come true; all you have to do is work hard and get it. This is why WE do it!!”

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    Rakesh Bhalla
    Dalton Wade Real Estate Group

    Phone: 216-276-1939

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