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Monthly Archives: February 2019

    Common Misconceptions About Home Buying (Part 1!)

    By Claren Jokela | February 23, 2019

    Every REALTOR® worth their salt has heard plenty of incorrect theories about the home buying process. We want to debunk some of those for you, to help make the buying process easier, arming you with more knowledge so you can make the right decisions for YOU! Below are just a few misconceptions we have heard along... Read More

    Why It Is Important To Be Fully Preapproved For A Loan Before Viewing Properties Or Placing Offers!

    By Claren Jokela | February 5, 2019

      A lot of buyers question why real estate agents ask them for a loan preapproval letter before placing on offer for them or better yet, before agreeing to even show them properties. We promise – this is actually a very smart move on your agent’s part and it is truly for YOUR benefit as the... Read More