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    Why It Is Great To Sell Or Buy Your Home During The Holidays!

    By Claren Jokela | December 4, 2019

    Agents sometimes hear sellers and buyers say they will wait to make their move until after the holidays, meaning they will wait until next year.  Some people may advise you it isn’t best to sell during the holidays because not as many buyers are out looking at this time of year and your home could... Read More

    Veteran’s Day Appreciation: VA Loan Benefits!

    By Claren Jokela | November 8, 2019

    With Veterans Day just around the corner, we here at Dalton Wade want to express our sincere gratitude to those who are currently serving and who have served time in the United States Armed Forces.  We even have REALTORS® with us who have served and we are truly grateful for them! We also want to... Read More

    How to Submit a Competitive Offer!

    By Claren Jokela | September 25, 2019

      Buyers – have you been searching for the perfect place for months and even submitted offers, but have yet to get to the closing table? Are you tired of submitting offers on homes you love and loosing out to the “highest and best” offer? We here at Dalton Wade understand the frustration, it is... Read More

    The Importance of Staging Your Home!

    By Claren Jokela | September 3, 2019

    It is a seller’s market in Florida today, meaning that “good” inventory is scarce and there are more buyers than there are acceptable properties.  However, some homes are receiving multiple offers while some are receiving none at all even in this “seller’s market” dynamic we find ourselves in.  Even though inventory is low, buyers will... Read More

    IBuyers and the Hidden Fees Associated with Non-Traditional Home Selling

    By Claren Jokela | August 20, 2019

    It has been known for a while now that there are alternatives to traditional home selling with licensed REALTORS®, and this alternative is known as the “iBuyer”.  Here we will discuss what an iBuyer is, the advantages and disadvantages, and the hidden fees associated that just may make you want to come back to tradition.... Read More


    By Claren Jokela | August 2, 2019

    A few months ago we made a popular 2 part blog series all about the myths of home buying.  Well, we think it’s about time we bust a few myths about home selling too! Let’s dive right in.   Myth #1: The Zestimate is Accurate I think I can speak for every REALTOR® when I... Read More

    Hurricane Season Safety & Insurance Tips from Your Favorite REALTORS®

    By Claren Jokela | July 15, 2019

    Although it is no surprise to long-time Florida residents, hurricane season kicked off on June 1st, and lasts a whopping six months (ending November 30th)! Currently Tropical Storm Barry is impacting the Gulf Coast, and is a timely reminder that we all need to be prepared in the event our homes are impacted by a... Read More

    Selling Your Home? Be Sure To Prep Your Lawn in Advance

    By Claren Jokela | April 11, 2019

    Selling Your Home? Be Sure to Prep Your Lawn in Advance By: Kelly Holland   Lawn care can either make or break the first impression your home gives to a prospective buyer. A maintained lawn will help justify your asking price while an overgrown yard with brown patches will discount your home. Many homeowners focus... Read More

    How to Increase Curb Appeal with 7 Easy Upgrades!

    By Claren Jokela | March 29, 2019

    By: Rebecca Edwards   When you put your house on the market, you want potential buyers to stop and say “wow!” Whether it’s an open house, a scheduled tour, or a simple drive-by, buyers are going to judge your home on its outside appearance before they go any further. Make the most of your home’s... Read More

    Common Misconceptions About Home Buying (Part 2!)

    By Claren Jokela | March 5, 2019

    Hello folks! 2 weeks ago we discussed some common buyer misconceptions such as renting vs buying costs, prequalification vs preapproval, big box banks vs local lenders, downpayment percentages, buyer agent commissions, and listing vs buyers agents.  If you did not catch that one, please go back in our blog section and check it out! Here... Read More