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The Importance of Staging Your Home!

It is a seller’s market in Florida today, meaning that “good” inventory is scarce and there are more buyers than there are acceptable properties.  However, some homes are receiving multiple offers while some are receiving none at all even in this “seller’s market” dynamic we find ourselves in.  Even though inventory is low, buyers will often wait to find a home that really stands out to them (hence the homes with multiple offers), so it is important sellers make their home stand out above the rest.  A good way to be part of the “good” property inventory is of course to make any necessary repairs, update your home (perhaps it needs new paint, a carpet replacement or even a new A/C), and price it right for the market (homes that are priced too high are still sitting waiting for buyers). But what some sellers may not realize is that staging a home is incredibly helpful when trying to sell (in fact a 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors said that 49% of buyers think staging positively affects their view of a home).  Let’s explore staging and why it may be right for you!

Staging is the process of placing furniture or décor pieces in and around a home to give it an upgraded aesthetic, functional and “clean but lived-in” appeal.  You can of course buy new pieces but if you are on a budget you can use pieces you already have, rent pieces from professional staging companies, or even have a digital company place the staging pieces in your photos!


First and foremost, prior to staging you will want to start by picking up clutter.  Clear off those countertops and coffee tables of unnecessary items so it is minimalistic and do a deep clean of your home.  It is recommended that the majority of personal items (like family photos) also be stored away safely so that buyers can envision themselves in the home and take “emotional possession” during their showing (77% of buyers said it was easier to envision themselves living in the home when staged than without according to that same NAR survey).  Even organizing and cleaning out linen closets or clothes closets is important to show that the entire home is clear of clutter.  Once you are done with clearing clutter, the staging can begin!

Staging Tips: Furniture and Decor

You will want to stage the important rooms first, especially if you are limited on pieces and funds (staging can get expensive when trying to stage the entire home).  The most important room is the living room where potential buyers would be spending most of their time, followed by the master bedroom or kitchen.  Examples of décor could be new folded towels placed strategically on the edge of the tub or hanging on a towel rack, flowers or kitchen utensils in a nice vase, fruit or potpourri displayed in a bowl, a new bedspread, throw blankets and throwpillows for couches, neutral photos hung on walls, a serving tray, etc.  Key staging pieces would be beds, couches, nightstands, throw rugs, coffee tables, etc.  It is said to be helpful to place the furniture pieces slightly away from the walls as well to really bring the room together.  Make sure the pieces are clean, color coordinated, updated and overall neutral to adhere to most buyer’s tastes.

Professional Photos to Show Off Your Staging

Last but not least – get professional photos done of your home to really show off your staging efforts! Professional photos are incredibly important – after all, it is the first thing the buyer will see that will get them in the door.  It will help your home stand out online against all the other homes for sale that buyers are inundated with daily.  If you are on a budget or short on time and going the route of digital staging (where a company places pieces in photos to enhance the appeal), just remember it will certainly help when buyers view your home online but when they get to your home the décor will not be present. Pieces in your home are recommended so buyers can visualize themselves living there during the showing. Staging in general can also help your home sell for slightly more (hence those multiple offers), and it can reduce your home’s days on market!

Ready to discuss staging further or list your home with us? We’ve got you! Visit us today at to see our list of helpful agents and available homes! That’s the Dalton Wade Difference.

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