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Why It Is Great To Sell Or Buy Your Home During The Holidays!

Agents sometimes hear sellers and buyers say they will wait to make their move until after the holidays, meaning they will wait until next year.  Some people may advise you it isn’t best to sell during the holidays because not as many buyers are out looking at this time of year and your home could sit on the market.  You may also be advised not to buy during the end of the year when the holidays hit because there aren’t as many homes for sale – meaning not as much inventory to choose from. Well, we are here to address these rumors and let you know the positives of buying or selling during the holiday season.


A lot of the time if someone is looking to purchase a home toward the end of the year, and especially during the holidays, they are very serious buyers that have a good reason for doing so.  They aren’t just “looking” around and wasting valuable time.  Amongst these buyers could be someone that is relocating for a job, someone that has a deadline to be into a new home and out of a rental, a military family transferring to a new station, etc.  This means you as a seller are less likely to get looks loos – and more likely to get serious buyers on a mission to come view your home. Click here to look into selling your home today with us!

Of course it is still recommended that you price your home appropriately and do not over price it if you truly want to sell – well priced homes do not just sit on the market! We also recommend you obtain quality professional photography of your home to really enhance its features.  After all, the photos are the first thing the buyer sees online and that is what gets them in the door to your home, your photos should stand out amongst the other homes buyers are browsing online.  It is a great idea to stage your home too, either professionally or yourself by cleaning clutter and buying a few key pieces.  It is ok to decorate your home for the holidays as well, but it is best to decorate it in winter-themed décor, not religious décor – and make sure not to go over board. You want any buyer to be able to see themselves in your home, regardless of what religion they adhere to or holidays they celebrate.


I got under contract for my home around Thanksgiving and closed right after Christmas – in fact we closed on New Year’s Eve! There is still quality property inventory on the market during this time, and there are generally less active buyers than there are in the busy spring and summer months.  That is good news for you if you are a late year/holiday buyer like I was because it means there are generally less offers to compete with (and yes, multiple offers are a common thing these days in this Florida seller’s market).  This way you can beat the rush and the rising market prices of next year before all those buyers that wanted to wait until after the holidays.  You also can file for homestead exemption for the following year if you close before 1/1/2020! This will give you significant savings on your property taxes.  Click here to look into buying your new home today with us!

Let’s Go!

If you are thinking of buying or selling before the year is up, do not hesitate to contact us today.  We can help pair you with the right, experienced REALTOR® in our company to suit your specific needs that serves your area. Just give us a call today at 888-668.8283! Or, visit our agent roster and choose one for yourself.

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